How do I post a VOD on Twitch?

How do I post a VOD on Twitch?

How to Enable VOD on Twitch?

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner of Twitch.
  2. Click the tab that says “dashboard”.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled “settings” on the left hand side and click “channel”.

How do you watch old VODs on Twitch?

To watch past broadcasts or VODS on Twitch, go to the channel for which you want to see the past broadcasts. Then scroll down and click on the “Videos” tab for that channel. Now, scroll down to the “Recent Broadcasts” header and you will see a list of all of that streamers most recent broadcasts or streams.

Can you upload a video to twitch?

Next to streaming, however, you can also upload videos to Twitch. The feature is still in Beta, but it’s a great way to make sure your audience has something to watch even when you are not live streaming. In order to make sure your video meets the requirements by Twitch, we created a way for you to convert your videos to perfectly fit Twitch!

How do you upload videos on Twitch?

Steps Open Twitch in your internet browser. Click your profile picture on the top-right. Click Video Producer on the menu. Click the Upload icon on the top-left. Select the video you want to upload. Click the Open button. Edit your video’s metadata information. Click the Save Changes button.

How do I upload a clip to twitch?

To upload clips to twitch you will need to capture your clip on the Xbox then go to, download your clip and then navigate to, login and navigate to the video producer section and upload your clips. Mixer does not have a clip upload feature at this time.

How do I stream vidoes on Twitch?

Download OBS. Downloading OBS couldn’t be simpler.

  • there are only a few things
  • Enter your stream key. Return to Twitch’s website and go back to the creator dashboard.
  • Plug in your microphone and set up your game.
  • Stream!
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