What is Airtable and how do you use it?

What is Airtable and how do you use it?

You decide how you work, and build the perfect setup for your needs. Unlike a traditional spreadsheet or project management system, Airtable gives you the power of a super-flexible database to connect your information—and design the perfect workflow—all in one place.

Is Airtable easy to use?

Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. The user interface is simple, colorful, friendly, and allows anyone to spin up a database in minutes.

What can we do with Airtable?

Airtable is a relational database tool that’s also an online collaboration tool. Before you brush it off as boring because of the word database, know that Airtable is easy to use and extremely versatile. You can use it to manage work, track and organize inventories, plan an event, and much more.

Which is better notion or Airtable?

Our verdict: both are extremely powerful additions to your workflow. Notion offers more breadth (beyond databases), yet can’t scale due to the lack of API and integrations. Notion seems better for knowledge management, while Airtable feels like an enterprise solution that could serve as the backbone of an organization.

Why is Airtable better than Excel?

Airtable is super-easy to use, it’s visually appealing, and there’s some added features — like linking records and Blocks — that make Airtable better than a typical spreadsheet you’d find in Excel or Google Sheets. If you’re keeping track of more than 1,200 items, you’re going to have to pay at least $10/per month.

Is Airtable better than Excel?

Is Airtable better than Monday?

Airtable vs monday.com: Ease of Use Both Airtable and monday.com are easy to use with templates, a simple but powerful user interface, and plenty of ways to learn the software. Between the two, monday.com is the easiest to set up and use, especially compared to Airtable’s more unique and complex functions.

What is better than Airtable?

ProofHub is a cloud-hosted project management solution that comes packed with scalable features that make it a perfect alternative to software like Airtable. Unlike Airtable, ProofHub allows teams to keep track of their billable and non-billable hours of projects using Timesheet and time reports.

Which is better trello or Airtable?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-learn platform that’ll manage your workflow without a hitch, then Trello is right for you. On the other hand, if you need a more comprehensive tool and you have plenty of spreadsheet skills to boot, then Airtable is what you’re looking for.

What companies use Airtable?

Companies Currently Using Airtable

Company Name Website Top Level Industry
A+E Networks aenetworks.com Media & Internet
Nike nike.com Manufacturing
NBC Universal nbcuniversal.com Entertainment
Bark & Co. bark.co Consumer Services

Is Airtable similar to Trello?

The primary difference between Trello and Airtable is their focus. Airtable is capable of storing huge amounts of data as a database, then creating dynamic views to let you sort everything from basic data to complex tasks with custom filters and parameters. Trello is a claw hammer. Airtable is the whole toolbox.

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