Why does my computer keep showing blue screen?

Why does my computer keep showing blue screen?

The blue screen happens when Windows encounters a critical error that stops the operating system from running. These critical errors can be the result of faulty hardware, faulty or low level hardware drivers, or faulty or low level apps that run within the Windows kernel.

Why won’t my monitors extend display?

Make sure that your settings are on Extend these displays: In the Multiple displays sections of Displays on Windows 10, make sure the Extend these displays option is chosen. It’s a good idea to check all your Display settings to make sure they are set up for multiple monitors: Sometimes a Windows update can reset them.

How do I fix frequent blue screen?

11 Tips to Help You Fix the Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

  1. Note Your Windows Blue Screen Stop Code.
  2. Try Specific Troubleshooting for Your Blue Screen Error Code.
  3. Review Recent Computer Changes.
  4. Check for Windows and Driver Updates.
  5. Run a System Restore.
  6. Scan for Malware.
  7. Test Your Computer Hardware.
  8. Run an SFC Scan.

How do I fix my extended screen?

Set the Monitor Resolution

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select “Display”.
  2. From the display, select the monitor you wish to adjust.
  3. Click the “Advanced display settings” link (located at the bottom of the dialogue box).
  4. Click the “Resolution” drop-down menu and select your desired resolution.

Why do I get blue screen when plugging in second display?

The cause of the crashes is a driver from your GPU, the driver nvlddmkm which is Nvidia Video driver. Seeing here that the driver is very recent, so this means that or there is a bug or there is a service from Nvidia causing troubles. Search for Nvidia Streaming Kernel Service and disable it. Reboot if asked.

Why does YouTube keep crashing to blue screen?

YouTube crashing to a blue screen shows the compatibility issues between your web browser and your graphics card. You can try to fix this issue by disabling hardware acceleration for your videos.

How can I get my computer to stop showing blue screen of death?

1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options. 3. Click the Advanced tab. 4. Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click Reset. – Are you able to watch the video on your computer using a CD or a DVD with out any issues?

How to uninstall a Windows 10 update that causes a blue screen?

To uninstall a Windows 10 update causing a blue screen, use these steps: Open Control Panel. Click the Uninstall a program option.

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