How do I post a video on Reddit?

How do I post a video on Reddit?

Here’s what to do.

  1. Copy the Reddit video’s URL using the “Share” link or copying from the address bar.
  2. Go to the RedditSave website, paste the copied URL, then click on “Download.”
  3. The new page that loads displays the video’s title, a preview image, the audio status, and presents your download options.

How do I save Reddit video Bot?

Open the Reddit post that has the video you want to download. Hit the Share button and select the Viddit app from the Share menu that pops up. The Viddit app will grab the link of the video from the link of the post. Note that it may take a few seconds to process the video.

How do you link in Reddit?

Click the chain link symbol in the text editor’s toolbar — it looks like two interlinked circles, and should be the third option from the left.

  1. The “Link” icon looks like two interlinked circles. Emma Witman/Business Insider.
  2. You’ll insert your link in this box.
  3. The hyperlinked text will be underlined and tinted blue.

How do I download a video from Reddit to my phone?

Open the app and find the post that has the video you wish to save. Tap the video to open the video player. You would find a Download button in the top right corner. Tap the button to save the Reddit video to your Android phone.

How do I make a clickable link on Reddit?

When you write the text that you want to convert into a hyperlink, click the chain symbol in the bottom left corner — unlike on your desktop, you won’t write out the text you’re hyperlinking beforehand. 4. Enter the link in the second slot, and type out what you want the hyperlinked text to be, then tap “Insert link.”

What is a permalink on Reddit?

A permalink is just a permanent link to a specific comment. When you click them the comment isn’t saved, you are just taken to that comment in the thread you are viewing.

How can I use save a video?

Open the Reddit post that has the video you wish to save. Tap the Share button and select Viddit from the Share Sheet. Viddit app would fetch the link of the post, parse it, and find the video file. It may take a few seconds to process the video but once done, it would save the video to the Android phone automatically.

How do I use video bot?

But in most cases, all you need to do is mention @this_vid in a reply to the original tweet, and you’ll receive a link with the video download in a few minutes. The bot works by querying the Twitter API for the tweet data, and then retrieves the media URL along with a few other fallbacks.

How do you upload a video to Reddit?

Using the Official Reddit Mobile App Open the Reddit app on your phone or tablet. Tap the New Post button. Tap VIDEO. Tap the Choose a community menu. Select a subreddit to post to. Select or record a video. Enter a title. Tap the POST button.

How do you post a video on Reddit?

To upload a video from your desktop, click “Submit Link” on a video-enabled subreddit, then click “Choose File,” select the video to upload, choose a thumbnail, add a title, and click “Submit.”. On Reddit’s mobile apps, click “Post something interesting” at the top of your “Home” feed (or click “Post to r/___” on a video-enabled subreddit).

Can you download videos from Reddit?

The Reddit video downloader is capable of downloading any Reddit videos with audio with a few simple clicks. Besides Reddit, you can also use it to download YouTube videos, download Facebook videos, download Vimeo videos, etc., and convert any video and audio to 300+ digital formats and devices.

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