How do you delete a comment on Vimeo?

How do you delete a comment on Vimeo?

If you made a typo while adding a comment, you can edit or delete your comment by hovering over it and clicking “Edit” or “Delete.” You can also remove someone else’s comment on your own video. You can reply to a comment (or another reply) by clicking “Reply” in the lower right corner of the comment.

Can you edit a Vimeo video?

Using the trim tool in Vimeo Create you can shorten, extend or select different parts of your video clips to show in your video. ⚠️Note: This article is referring to trimming video clips with the Vimeo Create editor. To learn more about trimming your uploaded videos, see here.

How do I remove the share button on Vimeo?

You cannot hide the “Share” button shown below the player from your public videos on However, viewers of private videos (videos with a privacy setting other than “Anyone”) do not see the “Share” button when viewing the video.

How do I rename a video on Vimeo?

Click Manage Videos to go to your Vimeo account. Click the three dots and select: Delete – to remove the video from your Library and Vimeo account. Rename – to give the video a new name.

How do I add someone to my Vimeo video credits?

By default, you (the video owner) are listed in the credits. You can add someone to your video’s credits by clicking the + button and entering their name, role, and Vimeo profile link or email address. If you follow the person you are crediting on Vimeo, entering their name will auto-populate their Vimeo profile link.

What does it mean to be private on Vimeo?

Private is a semi-private setting that will make your individual video visible only to people who have the link. Your video’s credits will be removed, and the video will be removed from any channels or groups. Please note that anyone with access to this link can share it with anyone else.

Is there a way to remove Vimeo branding?

You can remove Vimeo branding from this page and enable notes for your collaborators to add comments about what works and what doesn’t in this video cut. The only set privacy you can add to a review page is a password, so please note that anyone with this link will still be able to share it and the password with anyone else.

How can I check the number of Vimeo cards?

On Facebook and Twitter, the mobile apps and mobile web will link to video page. From the analytics panel for your video, you can check the number of times all of its cards have been seen and clicked for the past 30 days. Learn more about analytics for video interaction tools here.

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