Is there an easy way to put on compression socks?

Is there an easy way to put on compression socks?

The Easy Way to Put on Compression Socks

  1. Slide your hand and wrist into the sock with your palm and sole of the sock facing upward until the heel of your hand meets the heel of the sock.
  2. Pull the leg of the sock inside out and away from you leaving just the foot of the sock on your hand.

How do you put pressure stockings on?

How to put on compression stockings

  1. Put your hand in the stocking and grab the heel between your thumb and fingers as if you are making a sock puppet.
  2. While holding the heel, turn the product inside out, which brings the heel to the forefront.
  3. Step into the foot and place the heel of the stocking just short of the heel.

Can you wear compression stockings 24 hours a day?

Although it’s not harmful to wear compression stockings 24 hours a day, it’s also not necessary unless your doctor advises explicitly so as to prevent open sores. As mentioned earlier, sitting or standing for extended periods of time during the day will cause blood to pool in your veins.

How does the Juzo easy fit stockings work?

Your stockings will also be stretched slightly by the metal frame of the Juzo Easy Fit, which makes it easier to put on. A silicone coated retaining element which fixes the stocking to the metal frame makes it also easier to take off your compression garment without great strain.

How to put on Juzo compression wrap for lower leg?

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When to use a doffing aid with Juzo?

With the Juzo Easy Fit, it is not just easier to put on the compression garments, it also means you barely have to stoop. The aid is used when sitting, which reduces the risk of a fall.

What should I do Before I put on Juzo?

Ensure that your hands and fingernails are well kept and remove jewellery before putting the garment on. Moisturise your skin (e.g. with Juzo Vital Balsam 7 or Juzo Lymph Lotion) as wearing the compression garment regularly can dry it out.

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