What does masking do in Sony Vegas?

What does masking do in Sony Vegas?

A mask, put simply, cuts out the junk that you do not want the viewer to see. For example, if you have only a small green screen and you want a wider shot of the subject, you can mask out all of the surrounding background that is not key-able.

Does Vegas Pro have masking?

BÉZIER MASK FOR MOTION TRACKING The powerful Bézier Masking OFX plugin in VEGAS Pro makes creating video masks, including masks of complex shapes, easy!

How good is Sony Vegas?

Vegas Pro works well and performs efficiently without requiring super high-end hardware. Vegas Pro comes with many transition effects, video filters, audio effects, audio filters, etc. Almost everything you need to do professional-quality video and audio is built-in. With a few low-cost add-ons, you can do even more.

How to mask media events in Sony Vegas?

The other day, I was inspired by the movie, “ Chronicle ” to reproduce the titles shown at the end of the movie in Sony Vegas. It’s a very simple effect yet adds a nice little pop to titles and credits. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to mask media events to make them transparent so that we can add any image or video behind them.

How to make a mask in Vegas Pro?

In VEGAS Pro, if you expand the controls for Masks 2-5, you will find that the Enable boxes for them are unchecked. Click the Enable box in any Mask control to activate that mask. ✓ In the Type drop-down menu, click different options to change the shape of the mask.

How to add a mask to a video?

To see the lower clip, we’ll add a mask. ✓ In the Video FX window, click Bézier Masking. ✓ Drag the Default preset thumbnail and drop it on the upper video event. ✓ The Video Event FX window opens, and the Bézier Masking controls appear.

When to use compositing and a mask in video editing?

Compositing is the process of mixing video tracks to create a single layered output. You can use compositing in conjunction with masks to cover portions of video or to limit the effects of a filter. Masks are frequently based on dark versus light areas, specific colors, or an alpha channel .

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