Why is my outboard motor not peeing?

Why is my outboard motor not peeing?

Re: Outboard suddenly not peeing The impeller is probably broken. Don’t run it anymore with no water flowing!!!! Take the lower unit off, disassemble the water pump, and you should know right away if something is amiss. I’m sure if you go to a merc dealer you can buy a water pump kit to replace the broken parts.

Why is my motor not peeing?

clear the pee hole Clearing the water intake is easy: trim up the motor, inspect the intake and remove any debris fouling its operation. Running through thick grass is virtually a guaranteed method to clog the water intake on your lower unit. This is a dead giveaway when your motor isn’t peeing.

How long does it take an outboard to start peeing?

It takes about 10 seconds for them to start urinating.

How much water should be coming out of outboard?

Re: how much water The thermostat will not open till the motor reaches around 140+degs. and water should come out the pee hole then as the stats open up. There should be an exhust/water port on the midsection back side that should have water spiting out of them at idle and till the stats open up.

Why is my boat motor not spitting out water?

Turn the engine off and check for anything, such as weeds or trash, which may be blocking the water intake. If a foreign object is present, remove it and restart the engine after it has returned to normal temperature. In most outboard motors, the water output is a small tube-like structure that can easily get blocked.

Can you start a outboard motor without water?

Note: Never start an outboard motor without a water supply—it must either be in the water or connected to a hose providing water. Water lubricates the vanes of the rubber water pump impeller, and running the motor without a water supply for even a few seconds can damage or destroy the impeller.

How do I know if my boat water pump is bad?

Signs of a bad boat impeller are either boat engine overheats when you try to accelerate, loss in impeller vanes flexibility, physical wear & tear like cracks in impeller vane roots, melted or worn of vanes. Even if you see less or no water coming out of tell-tale, it might be due to a bad impeller.

Can you start a 4 stroke outboard without water?

An outboard motor should never be operated without a source of water entering the inlet screens to supply the water pump. Without a source of water for lubrication, the water pump will be the first to be damaged, followed shortly thereafter by the engine from a lack of cooling.

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